How to setup Instagram & Facebook shopping on Shopblocks

Shopblocks can can now link with Facebook and Instagram, enabling you to sell your products via Shopblocks, directly in the Instagram and Facebook apps.

How does it work?

Before you start, there are a few guides worth looking at to ground yourself in the steps required to sell on social:

Instagram - How to set up Shopping

Facebook - Adding a feed

Facebook - Facebook Feed Specification

Shopblocks - Google Shopping Feed Plugin

Once you have read and reviewed the above guides, proceed with the steps below to finish setting up your Instagram shop.

Step by step guide to set up Shopblocks with Instagram

1. Register with Facebook and create a Business Page - Learn how
2. Register with Instagram and convert your Instagram account to a business account - Learn how
3. In Shopblocks, activate the Google Shopping Feed plugin and set up according to your products
4. Set up your Facebook product feed using the Shopblocks Google Shopping Feed URL - Learn how
5. Connect Instagram to your Facebook business page - Learn how
6. Via the Instagram app, add the product feed to Instagram
7. Submit to Instagram for review
8. Once approved, start tagging your Instagram posts with your related products