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In the Shopblocks Plugin Marketplace you can find a range of useful add ons to help tweak your site to help you achieve different user experiences, and link up with third party integrations.

Our plugins cover a range of requirements and end results, which are highlighted below:

Age Verification


Age verification allows you to set up an age challenge pop-up on your site. This is particularly useful if you are selling products aimed solely at adults.

To find out more on the Age Verification plugin, click here.

Auto Barcode


Generate numeric barcodes for your products automatically. 

To find out more on the Auto Barcode plugin, click here.



Sync your job listings from Bullhorn as products in Shopblocks.

To find out more on the Bullhorn plugin, click here.

Category Visibility


Choose to show or hide certain categories to specific customers.

To find out more on the Category Visibility plugin, click here.



Integrate CricHQ data into your website. Display fixtures, results, stats and live scores.

To find out more on the CricHQ plugin, click here.

Currency Changer


Allow your customers to view prices in their own currency. Over 30 currencies available with exchange rates updated daily.

To find out more on the Currency Changer plugin, click here.

Custom Gateway


Custom Gateway simplifies the process of managing personalised, customised and on-demand products.

Integrating Shopblocks with Custom Gateway means your customers can preview and customise products on your website before sending orders through to Custom Gateway for dropshipping or to create print-ready artwork.

To find out more on the Custom Gateway plugin, click here.

Customer Discounts


With this plugin, you can apply percentage discounts to your customers that will be applied automatically after they log in to your site.

Businesses with 'trade accounts' or special terms offered to specific customers can ensure their customers see their special pricing throughout the website.

To find out more on the Customer Discounts plugin, click here.

Customer Groups


Create tiered product prices that apply to specific groups of customers. Create customer groups with your own custom names, and place customers within your new groups. When editing products, specific prices can be added for each group, and see your group pricing display automatically on your website.

To find out more on the Customer Groups plugin, click here.



Offer the option for your customer to pay a deposit on checkout and take the full order amount at a later date. 

To find out more on the Deposits plugin, click here.

Digital Products


Sell digital products in your shop just like any other product. Upload your file to your product and have it automatically sent out to customers when they place a new order or available to download from their account section.

To find out more on the Digital Products plugin, click here.



Integrate your Shopblocks with your Eposnow account to keep stock and orders synced across both platforms. 

To find out more on the Eposnow plugin, click here.

Eskimo Epos


Integrate your Shopblocks with your Eskimo Epos account to keep stock and orders synced across both platforms. 

To find out more on the Eskimo Epos plugin, click here.

Google Shopping Feed


Create and validate your product feed for your Google Shopping Feed campaigns.

To find out more on the Google Shopping Feed plugin, click here.



iZettle's wireless card reader and smart point-of-sale app let you take payments in person. With the iZettle plugin, your products in Shopblocks are added to your iZettle product library automatically. Any sales made through iZettle are also pulled back into Shopblocks so you can see your website and iZettle orders and payments in one place.

To find out more on the iZettle plugin, click here.

Loyalty Scheme


With a Loyalty Scheme your customers earn points whenever they spend on your website. When a customer checks out their purchase, they will earn loyalty points based on amount spent.

To find out more on the Loyalty Scheme plugin, click here.

Out of Stock Notify


Notify your customers when products become available again.

To find out more on the Out of Stock Notify plugin, click here.



Integrate Play-Cricket data into your website. Display fixtures, results, stats and live scores.

To find out more on the Play-Cricket plugin, click here.

Postcode Lookup


Speed up the checkout process on your website by allowing customers to add their address quickly via Postcode Lookup. Customers can instantly find any UK address with just their postcode and fly through the checkout, even on their first visit to your website.

To find out more on the Postcode Lookup plugin, click here.



Integrate your PureClarity account with Shopblocks to give each visitor a unique experience by personalise your site's content.

To find out more on the PureClarity plugin, click here.

Quantity Discounts


Give your customers bulk discounts by changing the price of your products based on the quantity ordered.

To find out more on the Quantity Discounts plugin, click here.

Restaurant Menus


Create and easily manage one or more menus for your restaurant website.

To find out more on the Restaurant Menus plugin, click here.



Add stickers over your product images to highlight offers, new products, and more.

To find out more on the Stickers plugin, click here.



Integrate Shopblocks into your Xero accounting software. Sync customers, products, orders and stock.

To find out more on the Xero plugin, click here.