Add a menu to your website in BlockLab

Adding the Menu to a page

Go to BlockLab > Header (for example)



Go to Block > Add > Menu



A new pop-up window will appear to customise your menu.


Choose a Menu: Select the menu you wish to show on the page.

Menu Layout: 

- Responsive Main Menu: A menu which will align horizontal, but on Mobile will appear vertical.
- Horizontal: A menu which will show horizontally.
- Vertical: A menu which will show vertically. Not recommended for sub-menus.

Show Company Logo: Your logo will appear on the left of the menu. This can be set for Mobile only to save space on Mobile.

Basket Icon: For Mobile only. A basket icon for your menu on Mobile.


Decorating the menu

You can change the size, colour, padding, and border lines on this menu. This is in the 'Menu' area on the top bar.



Press save and publish once complete.