How do I Edit a Text Link in BlockLab?

Changing a text link on your site can be done in any text editor on the system. In this example you will see the changing of a text link in the design area BlockLab, although the steps can be applied wherever you see a text editor.

Navigate to the text you would like to edit through your admin system. In this example the link is on the home page, so click BlockLab > then Home Page.

When in the BlockLab editing area for the home page, double click on the block you would like to edit:


This will reveal the editing tools for the text:


Select the text you wish to edit, then click the link button:


This will open up the link edit pop up, here you can edit the link text, destination, and much more:


In this example we want to change the link destination, so in the URL area, change the address to the new link destination:


Press OK.

Then press Publish in the top right corner and your change will be pushed live to your website.